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Simple Breakdown

I have read the website i don’t understand! 

++Okay Read This ++


MMMbreak down in *rice and beans* 


You see… MMMis not an Mlm business, its not a hyip, a company,  an investment, or financial institution.


MMM is a mutual network, where people provide money (help) directly to each other in automatic private offices via internet with growing help index called Mavro.

The power/reward of giving lets you receive 30% growth rate monthly on the amount you donated to a participant in the community.

MMM is 5 years plus globally and has over 240 million participants in 118 countries.

So basically this makes us the largest financial donation exchange in the world.


*This is how it works*

So let’s say for instance you provide help of 100k today, at the end of the month you are entitled to earn your 100k + your 30% which makes it = 130 thousand naira collectable at the end of the month.


In MMM there is no such thing as a central account where people deposit money into!

All transactions are done peer to peer between members directly to their bank accounts.

MMM-Nigeria was launched last year November and currently we are over 24,000 + members.

The *IDEOLOGY* behind MMM is to make the exchange of money fairer between people and also to create a world of financial freedom where people can assist themselves to carry out projects or meet their needs without having to rely on financial institutions who in turn demand immongus interests.

The aim and mission statement here is  “Financial Apocalypse” why because the world’s financial system is built and structured to favour the fortunate few, therefore making it cruel, inhumane! Somewhat making it a world of hard cash and soulless greed.

In MMM it is not a must to refer before you can earn! But if you do refer, you will earn 10% referral bonus on what your referrals provide as help.


The question is where does the 30% comes from since MMM does not collect our monies.?

Good, the 30% comes from us the participants! How? Through regular provide help (Ph) and Get help (Gh) plus inflow of new members.


So why does MMM have to rely on this? Well, as we all know no business on earth can sell off an empty shelf, so the way a business so rely on sales to pay off expenses, staffs etc that is the same way the Ph + Gh and inflow of new members are so vital and quintessential to MMM as a community.


*They are the oil that lubricates the mechanism (MMM)*


Funny enough this is how the financial institutions operate but theirs is centralized why here in MMM it is decentralized simply for the people to enjoy!

The best and only thing i can say is MMM has helped my life!

And I’m very much ready to help others see an extra source that will suppress their financial struggles.

You have said, Now i understand and ready to join you !!!

Good- Look for the “Join now” section on the website, click on it- it will direct you to our MMM Nigeria main website.. Click on “registration” in case the network drops you half way — lol

Fill in your details and make sure, that in the “invite” box, you see this email there

The email represents me as your referrer and guider in MMM Nigeria. What this means is that i will always be there to assist you 24/7 on any issue you might have as regards your journey in Mmm, you will have the opportunity to speak with me unlimitedly.


Once your registration is successful, do not wait for any mail again because it might not come instantly!

Just go ahead to login with your email and password you registered with. You can use any of these links below


So once you are in successfully, click on the “Account” section and then click on “Add”

Fill in your banking details and then click on “SAVE”.

Now the essence of filling your banking details is to receive money only when you get help at the end of the month. MMMdoes not have access to withdraw any money from it and cannot do such because they do not ask you for your debit card number or password.

So that is clear…


As a new member providing help for the first time, you will earn this one time bonus on any of this provide helps alongside your 30% at the end of the month.

#11,000 to #109,000        $20 bonus

#110,000 to #659,000      $50 bonus

#660,000 to #2.2 million  $100 bonus


You can also download this pdf file available on mobile with pdf reader that breaks down the technical parts in MMMwith picture explanation here –

You can always reach me on whatsapp, call, skype or email on the contacts on this webpage.

Together we will change this world.


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MMM is a community of financial helpers.
Meaning that money is being provide by others with a guaranteed amount of 30% interest every month.

Yes you have 30% of any amount you use to provide help to someone. And the interest compounds every month.

Let's say you provide help to someone with 20k. 30% of 20k is 6k.

So at the end of the month you are guaranteed 26k. And if at the end of the month you decided to leave it in ur account for another month you will have 30% of 26k which is 7800k plus 26 = 33800k.

Which bank is Nigeria can give you that??

MMM is indeed for real.

You can visit their site to see testimonies.



How To Join MMM Nigeria

Simply Click on the link below:-

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In the Guider’s email, fill this:-

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Frequently Asked Question


For any enquiry, feel free to reach me here:-
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"The key to success in network marketing is duplication, the key to duplication is simplicity and the key to simplicity is automation. Therefore, if you want great success in network marketing, find a way to automate the dupplication process.
~ Danny Despres ~  

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